Best Online Keyword Research Tool- Jaxxy

What is the best online keyword research tool for ensuring the success of your website?

Well, look no further than Jaxxy, one of the best online keyword research tool that we use for all our SEO needs. As a team, we own about seven sites and Jaxxy handles the SEO part, when it comes to keyword research, traffic that a particular keyword can bring to your site, competition for this keyword out there and such.

Best Online Keyword Research Tool- Jaxxy

Choosing a good keyword tool is imperative while building up your site and ensuring the continued success of it.In fact, presence or absence of a good keyword tool can make or break the deal for you! We know because, we have been there and done that. For the longest time we relied on Google Keyword Planner and things didn’t look promising on the keyword research front. Yes, we definitely got ideas on good keywords but never got clear pictures as to what the use of a particular keyword can bring to our site in terms of traffic. It is very important to know how many other websites are competing for ranking for a certain keyword you are thinking about. No other key word tool online can serve this purpose except Jaxxy! Not to mention, there were no support, tutorial or training on how to read the competition for keywords specially for newbies. We all were new at one time, right?

Anyways, Jaxxy was whole another story. They broke down the SEO algorithms to its simplest terms. There were tons of training videos we could watch anytime and gain insights into concepts we never thought of before! Almost like, dipping your hands into a cookie jar!

We asked the question- “What is the best online keyword research tool for ensuring the success of our website business endeavors” for a long time and with Jaxxy, we found the answer. You need to pay a monthly rate for enjoying Jaxxy however you can check out their services on a free trial where you can test up to 30 keywords before signing up!  And we are sure you would want to sign up at the end of the trial period because we did!

Other than researching for keywords, there are many cool features Jaxxy boasts about (rightfully so) like checking your site rank on certain keywords. This, we think is pretty great because knowing where you stand for a keyword you write a lot about on your site is everything. You would definitely want to be in the first page of Google, don’t you? And Jaxxy will tell you your current position.

We are in love with this feature as this is a guide post from where we work towards getting the maximum  SEO juice as possible for your site!

We are sure you guys like us must have asked this question one time or the other in your online journey- “What is the best online keyword research tool for ensuring online success?” And we hope your search ends here!

Give Jaxxy a try today and move one more step closer to being successful in your online marketing endeavors!

To your success,

Money in Pajamas Team!


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